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Commentary from BB-Robocop:

Tonight Sung, Jerji, Absolut and I beat the #9 team on the 4v4 arranged ladder. Phear Jerji's sleep spell, Sung's Blizzard and my goblin zeppelin of annoyance.

This game pitted BB members Robocop (me), Jerji, Sung (playing as pork) plus a friend named Absolut against the #9 team on the Lordaeron 4v4 ladder. They tried to tower Absolut at the beginning, but we broke up that attempt. What followed was a series of running battles all over the map. Both sides lost expansions, and I got mostly wiped out. But in the end, we had three expansions running to their two, and that was enough to give us the victory. Watch for: Jerji & Absolut using sleep on everyone; Sung's towers and wall-in saving his town; enormous numbers of red knights; Jerji's Necropolis surviving by a hair's breadth; Farseer & grunt drops.


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Clan Burning Blade
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